In the beginning my studio practice was all about indulging an overwhelming curiosity surrounding ceramics and the process of its creation. Experimentation took the front seat while expectations, external demands, and reality got left behind. Learning and developing this craft is like grasping for a light switch in the dark but every time I make progress the road ahead becomes more defined. Now that my studio practice has matured, my mission has evolved to not only satiate my impulse to make work but also to build a larger legacy and create a stable environment for my small business to grow. 
Each piece is made by hand using traditional throwing techniques. It is a continuum of a great pottery tradition and dedicated to the preservation of traditional craft. 

Informed by function and inspired by nature, I aspire to create pieces that are practical and utilitarian whilst serving as objects of beauty. My designs are remedies for everyday needs and the result of an intimate collaboration between form and function. My aesthetic has grown out of my passion for all things nature-made, my desire for simplicity in an overly sensory world, and a holistic approach to life. I am drawn to muted earth tones, natural clay bodies, and contemporary forms. Each and every piece is a labor of love and an extension of how I nurture and commune with others. 

Ariana Richie

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